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This new type of cheese can be considered as a significant development for Greek cheese-making. It is made from fresh sheep or goat milk, it is low in fat, but still retains its nutritional value and taste.


Our all-time favorite STAMNOTYRI is a cheese spread and is made from either sheep or goat milk. It has a creamy texture and a sweet and slightly sour taste and is low in fat and salt.

Aliston cheese

ALISTON is a hard cheese made from sheep and goat milk; it has no salt and is low in fat (approx. 20%). You can either buy the plain version or choose between a variety of other flavors, such as red pepper flakes, herbs, basil pesto, peppercorns, Mediterranean herbs, smoked paprika and truffle. Try it as it is or grilled... just delicious!


Bell peppers stuffed with Stamnotyri cheese spread Our Stamnotyri cheese spread just found its “new home”. The simple sweet and spicy taste of bell peppers combined with the freshness of stamnotyri cheese create... a firework of flavors.

Kaidancheese Kunafa

Our Constantinople roots have inspired us to combine the traditional kataifi recipe with our...cheese! A cheese created specifically for this product, the panirKaidancheese is salt-free and melts when baked. KAIDANCHEESE KUNAFA is made by combining this special cheese with pure sheep butter and fresh kataifi dough. It’s very easy to prepare and you can enjoy it with some homemade syrup, honey or just as it is!


It is made from fresh milk and it is aged for about 20 days, forming a unique rind. Its aging continues in the fridge, where the rind becomes darker and the cheese acquires a spicy taste and creamy texture.

Analo cheese

This cheese is made from sheep milk and it has a fine smell and a mild flavor. It is produced in the traditional way and contains no salt, yet it’s still full of flavor. When grilled, it melts perfectly. It’s ideal to use in your kunafa recipes.

Aged cheese log

It is aged for two and a half up to three months under ideal conditions, so as to achieve the exquisite, spicy and incomparable taste of the aged cheese log. A variety of flavors to choose from!


KAIDANTZIS CHEESE COMPANY” has been making cheese since 1950. It is a family business full of passion and love for tradition and cheese, with one generation succeeding the other. In order to keep up with the needs of today, we have completely modernized our facilities, which fully meet the European Union specifications and are guaranteed by the ISO 22000 certification. Thanks to our many years of experience and modern technological equipment, we are able to make the philosophy of the company’s founder come true: Respect for Tradition, Respect for the Consumer and Consistency in the Quality of our Products. Two more achievements of our company were added to these. We won the 2007 GOLD AWARD in the world-renowned competition «GREAT TASTE AWARDS» held in London and our products were included in the 2020 TOP 50 Greek cheese selections. The company’s high level of quality and production, along with our passion for cheese-making, were the catalyst to the production and development of new cheese products, such as Geremezi, Stamnotyri, Aliston, Kaidani and Analo.


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